Seattle URM Map

Seattle URM Base Map

Neighborhood Snapshots



Columbia City



International District

Pioneer Square

Queen Anne


University District


West Seattle

Neighborhood URM Clustering

Ballard Context

Ballard Construction Year + Landmarks

Ballard Earthquake Damage + Retrofit

Ballard Historic Resources Survey

First Hill Context

First Hill Construction Year + Landmarks

First Hill Earthquake Damage + Retrofit

First Hill Historic Resources Survey

International District Context

International District Construction Year + Landmarks

International District Earthquake Damage + Retrofit

International District Historic Resources Survey

Pioneer Square Context

Pioneer Square Construction Year + Landmarks

Pioneer Square Historic Resources

Wallingford Context

Wallingford Construction Year + Landmarks

Wallingford Earthquake Damage + Retrofit

Wallingford Historic Resources Survey

West Seattle Context

West Seattle Construction Year + Landmarks

West Seattle Earthquake Damage + Retrofit

West Seattle Historic Resources Survey

Pike/Pine Corridor Case Study

Base Map

Use + Units

URM + Construction Date

Building Quality + Stories

URM + FEMA Score

URM + Seismic Retrofits

URM + Historic Stock



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